Saturday, February 14, 2009

Etsy Events on Valentine's Day Weekend!

Etsy is a very busy place on a Saturday night but especially on a Saturday night which happens to be Valentine's Day! I'm involved in all kinds of Etsy related fun and promotion this weekend. Here's a little summary of everything that is taking place this weekend.

✻ Today is the last day to enter my Valentine's Day Blog Giveaway (I'll be choosing a winner at 10:00 Eastern, which is Etsy time).
✻ I'll be participating in the Etsy SNS tonight (see my shop for details).
✻ I'll be participating in the Secret SNS, where I'll hide a free secret in my shop, tonight as well.
✻ I have some small giveaways on an Ety BE MY VALENTINE Holiday Grab Bag event!
✻ I am also participating in the TradeAHolics' Valentine's Day Trade and STAY Event!

Hope to see you there!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography and blog! Nice to "meet" another Etsy photographer!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I am glad that I found it! Love your photos.

By the way, you've been tagged go to my last post and read what it's all about - it's a fun little survey ;)

SunTiger said...

Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing so freely. (And it does look like DelorumRex is spamming you). LOL.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged, see my blog for details! :)